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Cooking Classes


Cooking classes are held throughout the year, publicly and with private individuals and groups. They run from 2 to 3 hours and can be scheduled on weekends, evenings or even week days.


Get in touch today to schedule a healthy cooking class.




Meals on the Go!


Eating on the go can be hard on your health but, easy to grab food doesn’t have to mean compromising your nutrition or your taste buds. Learn to plan and pack delicious and nutritious meals. Simple tips on how to prepare foods in advance, store food for maximum freshness and transport meals easily. 



Smart Starts


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but, not all breakfasts are created equal.  Toss the boxed breakfast cereals and enjoy a variety of tasty, energizing foods that will get your mind and body fueled for the day. 



Grains and Greens ~ A Two-Part Class


Ever wonder how to make quinoa (keen-wah) or use millet?  Never cooked with kale, then this class is for you and springtime is the perfect season to explore your greens. Each class will feature combinations of whole grains and the season’s freshest vegetables in delicious, nutritious combinations.  



Beyond Turkey


Enjoy an evening with friends exploring some new side dishes 

for your Thanksgiving table.  Simple and delicious, these sides 

are sure to become new favorites.  In addition, we will discuss preparing a fabulous turkey and how to use any vegetable in a gratin.  Everyone will take home a jar of cranberry chutney for their holiday.


On The Menu:

• Homemade Cranberry-Orange Chutney

• Brussels’ Sprout Au Gratin – we promise you’ll love it☺

• Roasted Fennel with Asiago and Thyme

• Maple Glazed Root Vegetables in a Squash Bowl



Fermented Foods


Research has linked gut health with overall wellness. Fermented and cultured foods are rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. This class will introduce you to a wide variety of fermented food from sauerkraut and cultured vegetables to miso and kefir. Learn about the benefits of these power food, how to prepare them and incorporate them into your everyday life.  Take home a jar or health-promoting foods.   



Whole Food Meal Planning  

Cook Once, Eat Twice


Meal planning is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and when done right, it can take all the stress out of preparing a meal after a hectic day of work and kids.  

Each week we will prepare one dish and showcase how it can be repurposed into two others lunch or dinners. Plus, we’ll share tips on how to prepare foods in advance, how to store food for maximum freshness and shop wisely.


On The Menu:

Roast chicken, lettuce wraps & soup

Baked Fish, fish tacos and chowder

Lentil salad, edamame dip and black beans two ways 



Cooking Paleo


Enjoy an evening with friends exploring the benefits of eating like our ancestors. Fresh produce and proteins create a perfect meal for our minds and bodies. Learn about healthy fats and some tricks to transition away from a grain-based diet. We will prepare several simple delicious dishes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner from an assortment of seasonal vegetables and a variety of proteins.



Wrap it up


Every country has food in edible wraps.   Join us to explore a variety of delicious packable foods that are fun and quick.  Perfect for a busy weeknight or lunch on the go.   If you struggle with gluten intolerance, this is the class for you as most of the wraps are naturally gluten-free and can be easily adjusted to any food sensitivity or allergies.   There is no end to the foods you can wrap up so you should never get bored!


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